The Thighs Have It…

Like a lot of ladies my trouble areas lay south of the border…my thighs and hips! One of the most notoriously difficult areas to tone, they have always been a bone of contention for me for.

I mean seriously, who wants to be told they have child bearing hips in the sixth grade?? Not me! But along came Destiny’s Child and Beyonce totally changed the game. She proved you didn’t have to be pin thin and straight as an arrow to have a nice figure. Actually she proved that curves could even be celebrated.

I have been relatively healthy and physically active for about a decade, however, I have never conquered these pesky thighs of mine. So, armed with my Beyonce induced self-esteem I set out to have the best body I can have given my height and body type.

I put together this list of targeted thigh inner thigh exercises that really seem to be working for me. Good luck and I encourage everyone to share their fitness journey with me 🙂

  1. Sumo Squats – I like to use an eight pounds medicine ball for resistance with this move. 20 reps.
  2. Fire Hydrants – I use four pound (each leg) ankle weights for the remainder of the exercises. 20 reps each leg.
  3. Inner Thigh Lifts. 20 reps each leg.
  4. Skater Lunge. 20 reps each leg.
  5. Plie Squats. Keep the ankle weights and incorporate the medicine ball.
  6. Step-Ups – Keep the medicine ball and alternate arms when alternating legs. 30 reps each. A stepping stool similar to the one pictured is required.
  7. Curtsy Squats – Use free weighs, one for each hand. 30 reps.
  8. Basic Squats – You know the drill by now!

Don’t forget to drink water! I don’t forget, I agressively ignore it but I am working on that.



Pop of Color…

I like to keep things simple: clean lines and classic colors pretty much define my personal style aesthetic. A white v-neck t shirt is my go to and can be dressed up or down with denim and a leather skirt.

An old boyfriend got me this t is from Ralph Lauren. It feels so nice against my skin but I have dozens of them from J Crew and Gap and I can tell you from experience you don’t to spend $100 for a great white t shirt.

The tissue t shirt from J Crew feels just as nice 🙂

Today I paired it with dark denim Paige jeans, my old standby Timberland boots. Because I like to keep things simple with my wardrobe, the accessories have to pop. This red one from Marc Jacobs gets the job done.

It’s big enough to carry all of the essentials (keys, iPhone, makeup case, sunglasses case) yet small enough to feel just like a purse and not luggage. Does anyone else feel like they are carting around luggage when they pack their tote bag for a day of errands?

I fell in love with MJ purses two summers ago when I purchased a bright yellow one. He just uses such great colors.


Blue Period

FullSizeRender-2During the coldest months of January and February it is very easy to fall into a style rut simply because fashion must give way to practicality.

Hence this little blue parka I picked up from the little boys section at Ross 🙂 It was an absolute steal and it fits perfectly.

I used to go thrifting every week with an ex boyfriend and I would always hit the boys section first!

The jeans are by Paige (one of my favorite denim brands). I just love the fit of them and this particular pair has quite a bit of stretch to it which is always nice for the booty!

Rounding out the look are these amazing black Timberland boots (they are waterproof and have a sexy little three inch heel) and navy blue leather Marc Jacobs cross body purse.

Baby it’s cold outside 🙂


Coat of the Day…

…Not this day though! I should have posted this a few days ago but I have been feeling a but under the weather lately…

As a Chicago native coats and boots are basically all I think about from October through March or April or May 🙂

This camel colored three quarter length Bill Blass stunner is one of my favorites. I have already made the case for camel but what I love so much about this one is its versatility. I can wear it as a topper for a dress, tights and heels or I can dress it down with jeans, booties and a sweater or t-shirt.

When I get the hang of this blogging work flow I will post examples of both!

It’s freezing cold out there blogger buddies. Keep warm! Brrr…



This sweater though…

BREAKING NEWS: You don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth…! Trust me. I have lived in Chicago for most of my life and although we are in an El Nino year it is still quite cold out there.

I find the key to dressing properly for the weather is a strong layer game. If you live in a cold weather location you already know how important it is to invest in a good winter coat and appropriate footwear (warm & waterproof).

If you are anything like me, that is just not enough 🙂

I styled this look around a chunky native print shawl collar sweater from Eddie Bauer (I know! Weird right). Even though the print on the sweater is busy, I think the navy and white striped shirt works.

A long sleeve denim shirt and black leggings are always acceptable!

I rounded out the look with leather accessories. Cognac colored knee high boots from Enzo Angiolini and a black Coach purse with gold hardware.

Ugh! Can we please go back to sun dresses and sandals?


The case for camel…

Until a week ago I thought we were somehow lucky enough to avoid the nasty bite of winter. Not so much. Luckily, I’ve endured many a bitter Chicago winter and being prepared for the elements is nothing new to me.

My number one item for surviving a Chicago winter is a good overcoat.

Coats are a style item I am wiling to spend a little more on because a good one can endure season after season without ever looking dated. I think the coat you wear says a lot about you and it’s crucial you pick a good one because it really can make or break a great look.

I chose this coat today because it’s more elegant than a puffy coat and less stuffy than a pea coat. The Paddington Bear inspired hooded toggle coat in camel is one of my standards.

The color is timeless, it’s actually quite warm, the removable hood keeps it wearable into warmer months.

The double pockets are also great since sometimes I don’t know what to do with my hands 🙂

The featured version is by Eddie Bauer from several seasons ago but I will post alternatives shortly.





Talkin’ Body…

The champagne has been drunk, the carbs consumed and the wish list items purchased…maybe! So what now?

Time to get fit, duh!

If you’re anything like me you don’t necessarily need to lose weight but you are more interested in toning up. For me, it’s my thighs…ugh! Anyone  else like this? Although I didn’t run track in high school or college, running has long been my main form of cardio. A typical run for me is about five miles followed by 50 squats and 30 pushups. I like to cap this off with a bottle of water (which is such a struggle for me) and a nutrient rich smoothie.

This year I want to do something a little different:  See my “problem” area has always been my thighs and this year I am going to do something about it. I was a chubby kid but I have spent the majority of my life pretty fit, with the exception of my thighs. My brother is a plastic surgeon but I have decided not to take the easy way out! Later on this week I will post a before shot and the various exercises I will focus on to get the targeted results I am looking for.

It’s not a diet or a fad! It’s a lifestyle!!






Easy Sunday…

OK, I’ll just go ahead and admit it…I am a denim junky! My favorite brand is Paige and my favorite cut is ultra skinny.

So today, for taking down the holiday decorations and carting my big brother to the airport, I opted for my most lived Paige skinny jeans. The Verdugo Ultra Skinny is literally my favorite jean of all time. I promise you I’m not being sarcastic 🙂

During the cooler months I tend to wear a lot of knee high and over the knee boots. They give any outfit a little oomph but I think they also help keep me warm…

These boots from Enzo Angiolini have been in heavy rotation for me lately. I am a big fan of the cognac color because I think it has the same universal appeal as black.

jeans-page sweater-target boots-enzo angiolini purse-coach