Easy Like Sunday Morning…

Does anyone else detest vodka? Must be all the cheap screwdrivers and vodka sodas from college but I literally cannot handle vodka…

But I do love a good Bloody Mary!

So what does one do when they hate vodka but have a hankering for tomato juice with a special kick? Try a Bloody Maria thats what!

Bloody Maria Recipe

2 oz Tequila

I chose Souza but any will do

4 oz Tomato Juice

I prefer V8 but any will do

.5 oz Lemon Juice

I recommend using fresh juice

5 dashes  Worcestershire Sauce

I love Lea & Perrins

5 dashes Tabasco Sauce

If you are a hot sauce fan like I am any sauce will do and as always flavor to your taste buds

2 pinches of celery salt*

I am not a fan of celery salt so I chose to sub this for garlic salt

3 turns of the pepper grinder

Garnish with your favorite snacks*

Peppers, Pickles, Cheese, Lemon or Lime wedges and Olives are crowd favorites

*I like to go overboard on the garnishes since this drink is basically already a meal anyway!

Shake well in a drink shaker and serve in a pint glass over ice.




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