Skirting the Issue…

I knew my first post after three months back had to be a good one… I hope this doesn’t disappoint!

You have no idea how much I loath cold weather and here in Chicago for about eight months out of the year I am bundled up like a burrito. I love burritos but I don’t want to dress like one.

Luckily it’s so hot right now pants are optional 🙂

My style is pretty streamlined and basic (I favor nice denim, quality accessories and good overcoats) but I love to bright colors and whenever I am shopping (thrifting or retail) I let my gut be my guide. For me there is no rhyme or reason to style. I never know what is going to catch my eye and that is how I came across this skirt. Multi colored seersucker Liz Clairborne (several sizes too big).

Long enough not to be self conscious and short enough to hinder movement. Light enough to wear in 90 degree heat and heavy enough to keep on once the sun goes down.

Paired with my go to espadrille flatforms from Matisse, banana cream yellow leather tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs and always on trend white v neck.

I Love Summer






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