These boots are my life…

So unfortunately I have had to take a little time way from the blog to finish the script I’m working on (more on that later). Chicago has seen a pretty mild winter this season so it was only matter of time before winter hit us.

My biggest winter pet peeve is footwear. I just hate sacrificing cute shoes for big, clunky boots. I have always been a fan of Timberland winter boots but two winters ago (Chiberia for those of you that remember!) I had to break down and purchase a pair of proper winter boots a la Merrell.

They are warm and waterproof but to be honest they just don’t do it for me style wise. Luckily I found these ah-mazing winter boots from Timberland! What a win. These boots not only give me the height (about three inches) and the cute factor, they are also waterproof and hold in the warmth.

My goal this week is to finish the script so I can get back to posting regularly 🙂

As always, feedback is welcome!





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