Pop of Color…

I like to keep things simple: clean lines and classic colors pretty much define my personal style aesthetic. A white v-neck t shirt is my go to and can be dressed up or down with denim and a leather skirt.

An old boyfriend got me this t is from Ralph Lauren. It feels so nice against my skin but I have dozens of them from J Crew and Gap and I can tell you from experience you don’t to spend $100 for a great white t shirt.

The tissue t shirt from J Crew feels just as nice 🙂

Today I paired it with dark denim Paige jeans, my old standby Timberland boots. Because I like to keep things simple with my wardrobe, the accessories have to pop. This red one from Marc Jacobs gets the job done.

It’s big enough to carry all of the essentials (keys, iPhone, makeup case, sunglasses case) yet small enough to feel just like a purse and not luggage. Does anyone else feel like they are carting around luggage when they pack their tote bag for a day of errands?

I fell in love with MJ purses two summers ago when I purchased a bright yellow one. He just uses such great colors.



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