The case for camel…

Until a week ago I thought we were somehow lucky enough to avoid the nasty bite of winter. Not so much. Luckily, I’ve endured many a bitter Chicago winter and being prepared for the elements is nothing new to me.

My number one item for surviving a Chicago winter is a good overcoat.

Coats are a style item I am wiling to spend a little more on because a good one can endure season after season without ever looking dated. I think the coat you wear says a lot about you and it’s crucial you pick a good one because it really can make or break a great look.

I chose this coat today because it’s more elegant than a puffy coat and less stuffy than a pea coat. The Paddington Bear inspired hooded toggle coat in camel is one of my standards.

The color is timeless, it’s actually quite warm, the removable hood keeps it wearable into warmer months.

The double pockets are also great since sometimes I don’t know what to do with my hands 🙂

The featured version is by Eddie Bauer from several seasons ago but I will post alternatives shortly.






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