Easy Like Sunday Morning…

Does anyone else detest vodka? Must be all the cheap screwdrivers and vodka sodas from college but I literally cannot handle vodka…

But I do love a good Bloody Mary!

So what does one do when they hate vodka but have a hankering for tomato juice with a special kick? Try a Bloody Maria thats what!

Bloody Maria Recipe

2 oz Tequila

I chose Souza but any will do

4 oz Tomato Juice

I prefer V8 but any will do

.5 oz Lemon Juice

I recommend using fresh juice

5 dashes  Worcestershire Sauce

I love Lea & Perrins

5 dashes Tabasco Sauce

If you are a hot sauce fan like I am any sauce will do and as always flavor to your taste buds

2 pinches of celery salt*

I am not a fan of celery salt so I chose to sub this for garlic salt

3 turns of the pepper grinder

Garnish with your favorite snacks*

Peppers, Pickles, Cheese, Lemon or Lime wedges and Olives are crowd favorites

*I like to go overboard on the garnishes since this drink is basically already a meal anyway!

Shake well in a drink shaker and serve in a pint glass over ice.




Nothing Sweeter…

…Than cupcakes and homemade frosting. I am from a long line of women that for lack of better terminology throw down in the kitchen 🙂 I have so many family recipes passed down from my mother, my aunts and even my great aunt left us some recipes…but more on that later.

I am not much of a chocolate person or a pie person so my favorite go to is cupcakes with easy two step homemade frosting. Please find the recipe below.

Don’t forget you can change the look of the frosting by using different food coloring. I hope you enjoy.


Confectioners Sugar


Take two cups of sugar add two tablespoons  of milk and stir.

Continue to add milk depending on your desired consistency.

Thick – less milk

Thin – more milk

* be careful not to make the frosting too thin as it will not adhere to the cupcake*





You’ll Never Guess…

…Where I bought this dress…Target…in the kids section! I know right?

I was there for Targety things (you know what they are) and this one caught my eye because I love chambray. The embroidery around the neck is a nice touch as well.

Perusing the kids section is just one of the many perks of being petite. In retail and thrifting you can really mine some gems. Give it a try on your next shopping trip. Sidenote: kids clothes are cheaper too. Winning

The sneakers are keds and the purse is Michael Kors.





Little White Sneakers…

Believe it or not, I used to hate wearing sneakers. Nope! In high school and my freshman year at Sarah Lawrence College I was the high heel queen. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a good pair of heels but lately I have been living in sneakers…

Especially these pristine Converse Jack Purcell sneakers! I just love that little blue stripe across the toe.

Personally I prefer to wear sneakers with dresses or skirts. I think it dresses up the sneaker and dresses down the dress (Does that make sense? LOL)

The blue all over pattern of the dress looks great with the kicks and the yellow purse brings it all together. And of course RayBans as always.

Love that red door 🙂


Mfloral dress yellow dress white sneakers.png

White Isn’t Just For Angels…

When I was maybe 10 years old my mom bought me a bright white sweatsuit. I was so in love with the pristine white separates that I refused to participate in class recess. What a ding dong!!

These days matching sweatsuit separates aren’t really my thing but wearing white (before and after Labor Day) is definitely my thing.

I got this dress from Victoria’s Secret, up until maybe a year ago you could buy clothing from VS. Thats where this little number came from. Sidenote: VS clothes were so great because they were designed to flatter your figure…

It actually had sleeves when I bought it buy since I am so petite (5’1″ & 103 lbs) I often have to custom clothing to look good on my body.

This is why I love my tailor so much!

Paired with a brightly colored purse and my go to flatforms this look was perfect for a nice alfresco meal.

I hope you enjoy and as always feedback is welcome! #kisses




Peachy Keen…

Chicago is such a great city for thrifting! My ex bf (Jeff who is still a great friend 🙂 and I used to frequent a store called “Unique”every Monday for half off day. I mined some of my very best style items while thrifting…

This little peach number is no exception!

Would you believe it was really long? like ankle length long! But the color and the fish really sold me on it.

Paired with Jack Purcell Converse sneakers a trusty topknot and a brightly colored tote, the look really came together.

The moral of this fashion story is this: Give an item a chance even if it’s too big, too long and even a little dirty. Just make sure you have a tailor and a dry cleaner you trust.





Skirting the Issue…

I knew my first post after three months back had to be a good one… I hope this doesn’t disappoint!

You have no idea how much I loath cold weather and here in Chicago for about eight months out of the year I am bundled up like a burrito. I love burritos but I don’t want to dress like one.

Luckily it’s so hot right now pants are optional 🙂

My style is pretty streamlined and basic (I favor nice denim, quality accessories and good overcoats) but I love to bright colors and whenever I am shopping (thrifting or retail) I let my gut be my guide. For me there is no rhyme or reason to style. I never know what is going to catch my eye and that is how I came across this skirt. Multi colored seersucker Liz Clairborne (several sizes too big).

Long enough not to be self conscious and short enough to hinder movement. Light enough to wear in 90 degree heat and heavy enough to keep on once the sun goes down.

Paired with my go to espadrille flatforms from Matisse, banana cream yellow leather tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs and always on trend white v neck.

I Love Summer





These boots are my life…

So unfortunately I have had to take a little time way from the blog to finish the script I’m working on (more on that later). Chicago has seen a pretty mild winter this season so it was only matter of time before winter hit us.

My biggest winter pet peeve is footwear. I just hate sacrificing cute shoes for big, clunky boots. I have always been a fan of Timberland winter boots but two winters ago (Chiberia for those of you that remember!) I had to break down and purchase a pair of proper winter boots a la Merrell.

They are warm and waterproof but to be honest they just don’t do it for me style wise. Luckily I found these ah-mazing winter boots from Timberland! What a win. These boots not only give me the height (about three inches) and the cute factor, they are also waterproof and hold in the warmth.

My goal this week is to finish the script so I can get back to posting regularly 🙂

As always, feedback is welcome!